Aspiring to change the world through better experiences built for humans. From e-commerce to restaurant and blockchain technology, there is nothing I'm afraid of.

Hacking since 2008

I enjoy working, a lot. Yes, it's true. There's always work that needs to get done. I get it done in ways that make sense - considering cost, efficiency and scalability. Although I'm a software engineer at heart, I also enjoy planning and executing horizontal growth strategies. I survey product and process to find low effort, high impact areas of improvement (the action priority matrix). I make decisions supported by industry research. Technology is always evolving and it has exponential influence, so I try my best to keep up. Growing up in NYC prepared me for the world. Born and raised in Astoria, the diversity in Queens taught me collaboration and inclusion. My neighbors and classmates were from various cultures and households. We came together to learn and support each other like family. Nothing makes me happier than the people around me healthy, happy and doing well. Throughout my life, I've learned qualities and traits from exposure to various leaders. I've worked closely with entrepreneurs, artists, builders and business owners to solve problems. I learned what works well, what to avoid and how to pair individual strengths and weaknesses like a puzzle. Most importantly, I learned to flip every negative - to a positive + and inspire others. Thank you for visiting my website. My specialty is web technologies but I chose to build my website quickly using Plasmic, a no-code design tool I enjoy and support. Below are my projects, past and present. Some are discontinued, others are part-time projects for fun. It's my official track record. I hope you enjoy exploring them and support me on my journey. I'm looking forward to connecting with you!
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